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The theaters are back!

The theaters are back, y'all! The theaters are back!

It’s been a year now since movie theaters had to shutter due to the pandemic. With vaccines now rolling out en masse and infection rates staying low, theaters are finally opening up again. Now, theaters have been open in a lot cities and states for months now. I even had the opportunity to see Tenet in theaters when I visited Florida a few months ago. But there is a big difference between theaters being open in small towns and theaters being open in New York and LA. Without those two massive media markets it doesn’t make sense for studios to release the biggest and best films theatrically.

Some theaters in LA were finally opened this week, setting a beginning to the end of the pandemic’s disruption of the theater business. Still, the long term effects of the pandemic on movie watching won’t go anytime soon. For better or worse, the way we consume new movies has changed dramatically in the past months. That change is one of the primary inspirations for this newsletter. Still, even though I think streaming is the future of movie watching, nothing quite beats watching a new film together with strangers at the theater. I sure can’t wait for my first in a long time meeting with a great new film on the big screen. Are you ready?

Here is the best new movie available this week on streaming video.

Hotel Coppelia (2021)

Available Friday, March 26 on HBO Max

1965, Dominican Republic. At a seaside brothel, the lives of a group of prostitutes take a dramatic turn when freedom fighters stage a revolutionary coup, making them realiz they can have a better life and perhaps find love. But everything changes when the US army suppresses the revolution and takes the brothel as a military base: the girls will have to face the dilemma of either sleeping with the enemy or protecting their dignity at all costs.

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